Bolesław Ryziński


"Sculpting each tree's unique roots, scars and textures, it reveals its more discreet, secretive and dynamic nature"

Bolesław Ryziński - architect, visual artist - painter, sculptor and photographer, was born in 1952 in Poland in Międzyzdroje on the island of Wolin. A graduate of Architecture at the Szczecin University of Technology and the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. In 1980 he emigrated to the United States, where he worked as an architect and entrepreneur. Bolesław Ryziński belongs to the generation of Polish artists who, after completing their studies in People's Poland, developed their professional and artistic careers in their new homelands, leaving their home country. A serious success in the field of architectural projects overseas did not prevent the artist from developing his artistic talent. In addition to the drawing board, Ryziński's art studio was and still is equally important - where both intimate photographic works and spatial sculptural forms made of wood are created. Thanks to his non-architectural involvement in the artistic work of Bolesław Ryziński, he enters the area of interest not only of researchers observing the achievements of Polish architects working in exile, but also of art historians, recording and picking out from the shadow of unrecognition.

Selected Works

Test sculpture, 2017by Bolesław Ryziński
PHOTOGRAPHY 7, 2017by Bolesław Ryziński
PHOTOGRAPHY 9, 2017by Bolesław Ryziński
PHOTOGRAPHY 4, 2017by Bolesław Ryziński
PHOTOGRAPHY 17, 2017by Bolesław Ryziński
PHOTOGRAPHY 1, 2017by Bolesław Ryziński

Bolesław Ryziński – a multi-talented artist, with great design achievements in the field of architecture and extremely interesting, individual solutions in the field of techniques and artistic forms – both in painting and drawing, as well as in photography and spatial sculptural forms.

prof. dr hab. Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz

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Selected Exhibitions

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