Jan Pruski


“What do I do to start painting? I do everything except painting ... I’ 'm walking around the garden, cooking, organizing reality. In short, I do nothing. I move the painting away from me. And then, is coming that moment ... that moment when I have to. I start to act, create, manifest myself. This process continues until I’m not sure that I was able to transfer to the carton what I wanted. And all this, because of avoiding the intellectual impotence ... And that’s it..

Selected Works

A mantis eats a mantis, 2022by Jan Pruski
Acrobats, 2021by Jan Pruski
Greek Zorba Dance, 2021by Jan Pruski
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No. 20, 2022by Jan Pruski
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No. 24 " My childhood windows", 2022by Jan Pruski
nr spotkanie w starym domu img
No. 10 Meeting at the old House, 2022by Jan Pruski

"...However, rather than providing answers, some of the primarily abstract works in this exhibition subtly hint at symbolically charged objects, such as windows, that act as metaphors for the artist’s but also our personal stories which we often keep behind glass either as a protective strategy, out of shame or, perhaps, pain…"

CURATOR: Constanza Ontiveros

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