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Daniel Del Rosal Garcia

Abstraction 120x180 cm

oil, acrylic, canvas

120 x 180 cm

Price available on request
abstrakcja x

About the work

SIZELarge (<200 cm)
MATERIALOil on canvas

About Artist

Daniel Del Rosal Garcia

„So who is an artist?” they asked, and to my surprise,

I answered, „An artist is a person who explores the essence of beauty and ugliness, seeking new answers and outcomes.”

Born in 1983 in Madrid. He studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid, partially also pursuing studies in Warsaw, where he currently resides. He has held numerous solo exhibitions, including at Delfina, MiTo, Prom Kultury, Van den Berg, Pracownia Miejsce, Autograf, Bily Konicek at the Ethnographic Museum, Bacalarte Gallery, and Fijewski Gallery.

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