Dreams Captured in Paint

Joanna Sierko-Filipowska's Ethereal Exhibition at Fijewski Gallery

Dive into a world where magenta hues merge with turquoise dreams. Discover the art of Joanna Sierko-Filipowska in an ethereal exhibition now on display at the Fijewski Gallery, located in the heart of Warsaw, Poland. The text of the exhibition's curator, Constanza Ontiveros, gives us an insightful journey into the atmospheric paintings of Joanna Sierko-Filipowska.

"What is the dividing line between reality and illusion?"

This transcendental question echoes throughout Sierko-Filipowska's new exhibition. In her paintings, the artist explores dreamy worlds composed of seemingly disparate objects and creatures. These come together to act as introspective metaphors of her emotions and experiences, standing at the intersection between reality and illusion.

Over the years, Sierko-Filipowska has developed a unique visual language. Each painting on display, rich with evocative magenta and turquoise hues, serves as a window into the artist's soul. Her works seamlessly blend classical painting genres with abstract components, intertwining the reality of vividly detailed feathers and other motifs with the illusion of imaginative and dream-like backdrops.

The exhibition makes an interesting use of feathers, symbolic in nature, which can be seen in paintings such as the "Queen Viv" featuring a Vivienne Westwood gown, and "The Seahorse," with a magenta-infused seahorse at its center.

Joanna’s recurrent use of symbols and visual metaphors draws parallels with the tradition of Symbolist and Surrealist artists. Yet, her art escapes all labels, standing out as an honest expression of her spirit, desires, and state of mind. The autobiographical nature of her work becomes apparent in pieces like "My heart" and "The Gates to Paradise."

Joanna's art invites viewers to take the time to uncover the many details that continue to emerge from her magenta and turquoise atmospheres. Each painting becomes an exploration of what lies beneath reality and illusion, encouraging viewers to take a closer look at things often overlooked.

In the words of Constanza Ontiveros, "Sierko-Filipowska’s paintings remind us of what art is and can be, a refuge, a verse, and a comforting caress."

Sierko-Filipowska’s paintings remind us of what art is and can be, a refuge, a verse, and a comforting caress

For those interested in bringing a piece of Joanna Sierko-Filipowska's dreamy world into their own, several works are still available for sale. Collectors are welcome to contact the gallery at jakub@fijewski.com or +48 516 450 060.

Fijewski gallery6/14/2023

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