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Dariusz Madejski



70 x 27 x 21 cm

A resolute, strong, and passionate woman. The motif of the circle is not accidental here, as it confirms the aforementioned qualities. It represents stability and balance, not only visibly but also emotionally, emphasizing the serenity of her spirit evident on her face. Despite the extreme pose she assumes, a sense of tranquility, endurance, and patience can be observed. An important aspect is also balance, an attempt to maintain equilibrium despite everything. This sculpture depicts the combination of discomfort with the ability to cope with it. An example is the woman herself, rightly referred to as stronger than a man. The glow of polished bronze further illuminates her ambitious intentions, such as the desire to pursue goals, perseverance in her actions and decisions, and the harmony and self-control of her actions. Another striking element is nudity. Despite numerous implications, flaws, and insecurities, no woman should be ashamed of it. The sculpture aims to serve as a kind of mobilization and motivation to walk the earth, and face the vicissitudes of fate, which are not always kind, but can always be changed... because life... revolves like a wheel.

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About the work

SIZELarge (<200 cm)
MATERIALBronze cast
RARITYLimited Edition

About Artist

Dariusz Madejski

Life without art would be deprived of this third most important dimension.

Born in 1984 in Kielce. He graduated¬†from the State Secondary School of Fine Arts in Kielce¬†and studied at¬†the Institute of Fine Arts at the Ňöwińôtokrzyska Academy¬†in the fields of Artistic Masonry and Workshop Graphics. In his own workshop, he embeds aluminum and metals in a powerful and rediscovered neoclassicism and modernity.

Madejski captures the emotions he develops in his contemporary characters. Mainly made by women. His faces and bodies are original and taken out of context. A coherent element of his work is to fill the created works with calmness, which gives the figures presented in the object’s undeniable beauty. The essence of his works are emotions enchanted in sculptures. His work not only inspires to give it a new meaning, but most of all it catches attention. acc. recipients, the objects created by Madejski cannot be forgotten.

Madejski embeds his sculptures in contemporary frames and structures of precious materials, thanks to which they perfectly correspond not only with classic interior architecture but also with contemporary discourse and modern spaces. He designs and sculpts in plaster, sandstone, granite, marble, wood, resin, aluminum, and bronze. He knows no limits in the scale of the realized characters.

In his artistic work, he has over 50 objects that, with the recognition of investors, emphasize the beauty of numerous interiors in the country and abroad.

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