Monika Osiecka


bordiglio alabaster, marble, bronze

height approx. 70 cm

A unique sculpture made of very rarely seen nowadays Bardiglio anthracite alabaster. The composition was created in the studio of the artist Tristan Cassamayor in Carrara, Italy. In a biological form reminiscent of a flower, the artist has preserved and exposed as an artistic value the visible structure of the stone, composed of interconnected stone balls. The composition belongs to a short series of works in which the artist refers to organic with a broader interpretative potential.

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2022 – "Atoms" Exhibition in Fijewski Gallery

SIZEMedium (<70 cm)
MATERIALBronze cast

About Artist

Monika Osiecka

I deal with art because it is practically the only space where I always felt perfectly in my place, completely happy, fulfilled and strong.

Author of the famous book Fragmenty Lustra (a poetic and intimate record of creative self-awareness and women's experiences, published in 2011 by the SO/T Publishing House); Scholar of the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. On a daily basis, he works in his studios in Warsaw and Pomarance in Tuscany. She graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Grzegorz Kowalski's studio - diploma in 1994). She studied Persian and Italian philology at the University of Warsaw and sculpture in Italy and Iran. Her adventure with sculpture began with her fascination with the culture of Italy and Iran, where she spent her youth. Osiecka creates abstract and figurative sculptures. She works mainly in stone, especially marble, which is her first material. She has participated in many international stone sculpture symposiums.

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