"Windows" at Fijewski Gallery

Jan Pruski's Art "Minimum of materials, maximum of art"

Jan Pruski "Windows" exhibition has opened on November 16 at Fijewski Gallery (Elektrownia Powiśle, l+2) and it is an invitation to artistic genius world of this talented Polish artist.

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The exhibition is not only a collision with the extraordinary artistic world of Jan Pruski but also a journey through the creative process and life philosophy of this talented painter, which permeates every detail of his works.

Pruski perceives creating art as almost a psychological need, not only as an artistic expression. His works are the result of experiences from the 70s, when he was lack of traditional materials, which inspired him to use extraordinary ones available at that time.

His works exude passion, and his unique approach to art, using minimal materials for maximum effect, emphasizes the artist's deep connection with his art.


Additionally, in the presented sculptures, Pruski explores oppositional concepts, exploring fragility and obduracy, uncertainty and durability. Titles such as "Acrobats" or "Mantis Eats Mantis" give the works further meaning, encouraging people to imagine body movements or animal interactions using rigid structures.


The exhibition not only shows Pruski's unique artistic forms, but also outlines his artistic journey, from his youth in post-war Poland, where he had to use unusual materials, to the present day, where he remains faithful to his characteristic visual perspective.

To sum up, "Windows" is not only a collection of the artist's works, but also a journey into himself, showing the diversity and depth of emotions and memories. All this makes the exhibition at the Fijewski Gallery an unforgettable event for art lovers inspired by the variety of forms and content that Jan Pruski's art can convey.

Fijewski gallery12/29/2023

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