Michał Jackowski

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The human being is always at the center of my interests: the values that shape us and the relationships we build with others. Exploring human desires and emotions, I am intrigued by many questions about the present day. I try to respond to them through sculpture, while slowly sculpting myself day by day.

Michał Jackowski – sculptor, born on September 14, 1978 in Białystok. In 2003, he graduated with a Master of Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. For over 15 years, in his Białystok studio, he has been creating small sculptural forms, as well as implementing monumental solutions, sacral interiors and implementing projects for urban spaces. The sculptor from Białystok often emphasizes that his family and the relationships that arise in it are the inspiration for his work. And there are many of them, because together with his wife and seven children they form a unique collection of personalities.

Selected Works

Empty Gold Man, 2020by Michał Jackowski
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Fast Food, 2021by Michał Jackowski
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Sticky Pink Gloss, 2018by Michał Jackowski
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Empty Gold Galaxy, 2020by Michał Jackowski
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Empty Gold Woman, 2023by Michał Jackowski
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Empty Gold Man, 2023by Michał Jackowski

(...) His works serve as a bridge between ancient civilizations and contemporary culture. By intertwining classical motifs with vibrant pop art symbols, Jackowski explores the timeless aspects of human nature that transcend geographical and cultural differences. Through his artistic language, he seeks to create connections and provoke contemplation about the collective human experience.

Jakub Fijewski,


Selected Exhibitions

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